Mykki Blanco – Mykki review


Originally published for The Skinny September 2016 issue.

Mykki Blanco – Mykki

Album Review


Album title: Mykki
Artist: Mykki Blanco
Label: Dogfood Music Group / !K7
Release date: 16 Sep

Nadia Younes | 06 Sep 2016

Unlike their experimental mixtapes, Mykki Blanco’s first full-length solo release doesn’t leave much to hold on to. The New York performance artist and musical chameleon showcases a unique brand of warped, darkwave noise-rap on their debut album – but ultimately plays it safe.

Loner and Hideaway show the rapper in full flow, and the production is largely trap-influenced, with industrial, minimal 808s and distorted synths throwing back to earlier work with the likes of Kingpinning and Haze.Boogie.Life. However Blanco has always fallen slightly short in lyrical content and, although there are hints of depth and melancholy, on tracks like High School Never Ends and You Don’t Know Me, Mykki never quite goes deep enough.

Listen to: Fendi Band, Loner


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