Review: Sameena Zehra – Homicidal Pacifist

sameena zehra

Originally published for The Skinny.

Describing herself as a pacifist trying to suppress her homicidal side, Sameena Zehra returns to the Fringe this year with a show based around her desire to cull most of the human race. She suggests that we come up with a questionnaire that everyone must take to decide who should be culled or not. She encourages us to share our opinions on who should have to take the test, with contributions including UKIP, journalists and people who stop in the middle of the street.

There is a very clear political slant in much of Zehra’s comedy, as she discusses the state of world politics and tries to convince a member of the audience to change her view on Scottish independence. There are times where you feel like you are just watching a woman rant about everything she hates in the world, but Zehra’s articulation of her undying hatred of all these things is incredibly funny and you often find yourself relating to every word she is saying. Zehra is undoubtedly an incredibly intelligent woman and is able to voice her opinions on modern society in a very interesting and funny way.

Towards the end of the show, Zehra announces that half of the money made from each ticket will be donated to MAP – Military Aid for Palestinians – and flyers telling you a bit more about the organisation are laid out for you to pick up as you leave. This is a very thought-provoking, intellectual hour of comedy.


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