Review: Boy & Bear – ‘Moonfire’

Originally published for IAreYeti.

It’s typical of bands in the same genres to be compared to one another and, quite frankly, it gets extremely tedious hearing bands constantly being referred to as “the new” whoever. Listening to Australian nu-folk group Boy & Bear’s debut album ‘Moonfire’, however, you would be at pains to say that they don’t sound uncannily similar to Mumford & Sons. In fact, the band recently supported Mumford & Sons on their 2010 Australian tour and, prior to that, supported Laura Marling on her UK tour. For a debut album, it is pleasant, at best, but does not show a very promising start for Boy & Bear.

Opening track ‘Lordy May’ immediately instigates those Mumford & Sons comparisons and you could be forgiven for assuming it was actually one of their songs. Following track ‘Feeding Line’, the debut single from the album, is slightly better but still struggles to grab your attention. The only track that stands out as anything more than mediocre is perhaps ‘Golden Jubilee’, simply because it is a bit more upbeat and fast-paced than the rest.

There isn’t much on Boy & Bear’s debut that hasn’t already been done to death by every other average nu-folk band and, for that reason, the album is rather dull. It’s the kind of album you would have on in the background and not really pay any attention to because, to put it bluntly, there’s not a lot worth paying attention to. If they were to have been a bit more original and adventurous, the album could have been a bit more interesting and shown better promise for the future of Boy & Bear.

Overall Rating: 1/5


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